I have moved!

3 06 2010

I’ve moved back to my former home at http://www.clareherbert.ie. Trot on over and join me there, where I continue to write about everything (and nothing). If you could update your blogrolls too, well, that’d be just swell.

See you on the other side,




PostSecret Fave 1

18 10 2009

Each week, I will select my fave postsecret card. I LOVE postsecret – they’re funny, touching and always make me think. This week, I love (and relate to) this one:


Fine Gael’s President’s Dinner

17 10 2009

Eek, Enda Kenny made a speech and it’s making me cringe in my PJs. I can see him twitch and squirm through a speech – over-earnest, uncomfortable and lacking confidence. I fall somewhere between wanting to hug him and run away from him. And, I certainly don’t want him running the country. Richard Bruton should take over, put Georgie Lee in Finance, Varadkar in Enterprise, Trade & Employment etc.

Firstly, I found Kenny’s speech here (on p.ie) and it’s nowhere to be found on the FG website. Big mistake. The site is ok but, like Kenny, light on policy, concrete proposals and deadlines.

The speech was mediocre too. Channeling Obama (as everyone seems to do these days). It was all change, change, bleugh. Few real proposals. There were hefty pauses for applause. No doubt, it was a huge hit in to a liquored up FG lovein where they charged E125 a head and made a bomb to blow on election posters. In the cold light of day in newspaper copy, it will get a more sober appraisal.

Some key things jump out.

Spending E11bn on a new infrastructure plan. Where are we going to get THAT 11 billion? On energy, broadband and water? Didn’t we just spend millions and not improve the water at all? 1.1billion in fact.

Reading it, I was reminded of the American Republican party with their talk of cutting costs and the size of government in order to improve efficiency. There’s value in that. But, can we trust politicians to sack themselves? To govern themselves? Or, do we need grandfather legislation?

His points on vested interests were strong and something close to my heart. Kenny mentions transparent, accountable and vouched expenses for Fine Gaelers. Again, no sign of these on the website. Hm.

He mentioned their forthcoming ‘New Politics’ agenda – that title needs work. I look forward to reading it.

The cornerstone of the policy is the abolition of the Seanad and it seems a rash step to me. To shush the valient voices of Norris, Bacik, Ross, Quinn et all and remove the important second-reading privildges of the Seanad seems rash. Plus, they are agenda setters and often, minority views do get heard. It’ll save 150million over 5 years, so 3 million a year. When we’re looking at a deficit of billions, this seems a frivolous cut. And, dare I say, a populist one.

That’s a word that strikes me when it comes to FG – Populist.

Kenny concludes with the words: “I will be honoured to lead by example”. Enda, show us some evidence of please. Some action. Something.

Stephen Gately

17 10 2009

So sad and so tragic. My thoughts are with his family, his husband, his bandmates and his friends.

Media reaction to his death has been intrusive, in my view. Tabloid speculation is perhaps to be expected but certainly not acceptable. The travesty that was the Daily Mail article was both ridiculous (linking his death with civil partnerships and crazy drug rumours) and cruel. I’m not going to link to it and give them more ad revenue.. How people can buy such trash and inadvertantly hurt those closest to the deceased – I just don’t know.

RTE just had it as the chief story on the Nine ‘Clock news (which now starts at 9.20, so that Marty and Kathryn can have someone spin the wheel). There was no mention of Gately’s husband, Andrew. No mention at all. I shouldn’t be surprised – this is RTE. But, if he’d married a woman, she would have been mentioned. He deserved a mention and RTE’s editorial decision to omit him reflects on us all as small minded idiots.

Irish Sex Laws

17 10 2009

I’m all for prosecuting men who take advantage of girls for sex, but this is a step to far. A 19 year old has been sentenced to 11 months in jail for the statutory ‘rape’ of a 16 year old. They were dating at the time, or texting at least. (Do Irish people really date?)

They had consensual sex in some rural spot near Mullingar. Her father arrived on the scene (very Irish Hollywood), is understandably upset and calls the guards to prosecute his daughter’s boyfriend.

I can understand his fury, but it’s not the responsibility of the guards nor the legal systems to deal with this. It’s a parental responsibility. This lad hardly sounds like an angel but is it right that he has a criminal record and a place on the sex offenders registry for life for having consexual sex with his girlfriend. His girlfriend who was 16 and three-quaters at the time and so 3 months off the legal age. Is this the purpose of the Irish legal system? I think not.

It’s high time these ridiculous laws were removed from the statue books. High time, girls were taught to stand up for themselves and live with their choices and that angry fathers realized that using the judiciary to punish their daughter’s boyfriends is both unjust and counter productive.

Blogging Rules

14 10 2009

So, here I am again. Starting a new blog. It’s exciting. And, I’m quite proud of it. I think it looks pretty.

Blogging can be difficult so I’m going to set down some rules. Sometimes, I feel like I’m revealing my soul to the world (even though no-one is reading this). On the other hand, I crave communication, love to write and am interested in the world. And, braggy or not, I think I could be good at this.

So, the rules:

Stay true to myself. I want to write as I speak, not like this is an academic journal. I might not be 100% grammatically accurate 100% of the time, but I want to sound like me. My passion, my loves, my knowledge and the things that make me tick.

Numbers aren’t important. One day, I want to make a living from my writing but I don’t necessarily want a million readers. But, I’d love to join this blogging community. Network genuinely.

Patience. This will take time to build up content and a reputation. Don’t get impatient Clare, it will take time.

Dedication. Write everyday. A little something everyday.

Layout. Simple. Well-Organized.

Write original content. Use good visuals.

Good, better, best,
Never let it rest,
Until the good is the better,
and the better is the BEST!!